VRA | Est. 2022

Cameron Watt - Vocals/Guitars/Keyboards

James Crichton - Guitars/Vocals

Reece Carr - Bass/Vocals

George McPherson - Drums

VRA | Bio

FFO: My Chemical Romance, The Cure, (2003-2011 era) Blink-182, U2, Franz Ferdinand, Biffy Clyro.

VRA are an exciting Scottish rock band that have a DIY punk-rock ethos tied together with powerful songwriting and excellent musicianship.

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland VRA were born from a collection of tracks written by Cameron throughout 2021. After creating some demos, he enlisted fellow Ninth Degree band mate Connor and the duo then set out to find a rhythm section.

In autumn 2021 Nic and George joined the band and the 4-piece started to work on finessing those early tracks live. The band took a hiatus from January 2022 when Nic moved to London but once he moved back to Edinburgh in June VRA kicked it into overdrive. The band had their debut gig at Church in Dundee on July 22nd 2022. 

In September 2022, Nic decided to move home to Colombia but fortunately fellow Ninth Degree band mate Reece offered to help out and play bass. Finally in summer 2023 guitarist James Crichton replaced Connor Lilliott after Connor moved away for work. 

Indie Post-Rock | Edinburgh, Scotland


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